Jobs at Parnngurr Community School


There are no jobs available at present


To apply

To apply please write a one page letter telling us about yourself, please include your experience and thoughts in plain language on the following:

Qualifications and experience in education
Experiences with aboriginal Australia and/or other cultures
Ideas and thoughts on learning, teaching and curriculum
Approaches to community involvement
And most important… why you would like to come and work here.

Please attach a two-page copy of your Resume noting all recent employment, particularly teaching placements. Please include a photo.

Please include three references with your application.

From the beginning of 2008.



Parnngurr is located on the south side of the Rudall River (Karlyamilyji) National Park in the Great Sandy Desert. It is about 370km east of the mining town of Newman of a good dirt road. The community is nestled below Parnngurr hill surrounded by spinifex.


Parnngurr community was founded by the Martu people in 1988 when they returned to their homelands. The Martu were some of the last aboriginal groups to come into contact with white people, most coming in from the desert in the 60s and 70s. The Martu are still very strong in their culture and traditions. Parnngurr Community is a vibrant dry community still rich in culture and language.

The Martu are of made up of people from language groups in the Western Desert. The main languages are Manyjilyjarra, Kartujarra, Warman and Putijarra. There are many other language groups in the area including Pudijarra, Kiyajarra and Nyiyaparli but are less common. The combination and amalgamation of these languages is called Martu Wangka (Meaning speak of the people). This is the first and main language of most of the people in Parnngurr.

The school

The school was established by the community in 1989.
We are community governed and community focused and now have four classes servicing the education needs from kindergarten to Adult education.

Martu Staff

Each class has a Martu Classroom Assistant (AIEW) to assist teachers in the running of their classes. They are an excellent resource to teachers. Time is given each week for teachers to work on planning and training (two way) with classroom AIEWs

Getting around the desert

The school has two troop carriers that we use to take the students out on weekly bush trips.

These vehicles are also used to get supplies from Newman, our closest town.

Teacher Housing

School Teachers housing.

Each teacher has a fully furnished house. These dwelling are very comfortable and are equipped with air conditioning, a full kitchen, lounge including a TV, DVD, video, stereo and bedroom including a bouble bed, alarm clock and all linin.

Only a short walk from school on the south side of the community.